Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Gizmo gets a bath

Gizmo has settled in well, and we are enjoying spending lots of time with him. Unfortunately, probably because he was so young when we got him from the pound he hasn't really learnt about cleaning himself properly. Unfortunately for Gizmo, it has gotten to the point where we decided he needed a bath, until he learns to bathe himself. We also wanted to make sure we had gotten rid of any possible fleas etc.

Currently Gizmo fits in the bathroom sink, so we filled it with a little warm water to wet his feet, and then left the water running gently. When we first put him near the water he didn't know what it was, but as soon as he realised we weren't going to let him out, the meow's started. At first it was more of a quiet meow, then it became more insistant, and then it was more like "get me out of here". He scratched a little, but with kitten claws, he didn't do much damage.

He looked even smaller without his fluffy coat. After the bath was finished, we dried him with a towel. He looked so forlorne and bedraggled, but yet so cute. We felt bad for him, so we gave him a heat pack to help keep him warm, and he bathed himself whilst sitting on it on the couch.

Now he is much fluffier, and smells nice and clean. Hopefully it lasts a while,or he starts to learn how to bathe himself... otherwise he might just have to get used to more frequent bathing experiences.


  1. Nice yellin' Gizmo! You have to tell these humans just how it is

    Oliver & Gerry

  2. HI!!! Just a small FYI I noticed. Girl cats tend to be more clean than boy cats. At lest the ones I have had. So I have baby wipes for Kittys that I use on my boy cat to touch up his attempt at cleaning. I do this at least once a week to keep bath time away and it is easy