Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My new home

Through Gizmo's Eyes

I'm so happy right now I can't stop purring... I got rescued from death row by some people who seem nice. They took me to somewhere new that has all sorts of fun things to play with, lots of new smells, lots of hidy holes, and places to snuggle that are warm. no more cold cement or metal, no more sad eyes that stare and look away.

I miss my brothers and sisters, but my people play with me. They throw things for me to chase, my favourite being paper butterflies, catnip mice and string. I have my own room with boxes and tunnels, toys and blankets, and lots of things to scratch. I am never hungry, as there is always food.

I sometimes miss the warmth of my brothers and sisters, but my people even let me sleep with them in their bed. Sometimes I like to curl up between their feet, or stretch out in between them, but most of all when it's cold, I like to nudge my way under the covers so I can curl up on their chest where it's warm and I feel like I'm with my mum.

They keep talking about a thing called a bath... I don't know what that is. They keep saying they are going to give me a bath today, I hope it is a fun game...

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