Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Sunday 11 September 2011

Caturday - The new cat tower part 1

Through Gizmo's Eyes

So mum is a little late writing this as it happened on Caturday, but she was too busy with paperwork (I even tried to eat it away to help).

Dad was doing more interesting stuff outside on the balcony so I went to have a look. He was playing with wood. I tried to play too, but then dad got a little annoyed. So I rolled in some soft stuff dad called sawdust untill he swept it up.

Dad was cutting bits of wood with a tool called a saw and standing it up on another piece of wood. It looked kind of familliar. Then mum came and helped too and I saw what I think dad was trying to make...It looks like he was making a new cat tower! I love dad.

Hmmm no I think you need to move this bit more towards the corner.

Looking good

I tried to help, but dad said I was getting in the way (I had to inspect what it might look like and give him some pointers about what I wanted).

Unfortunately when dad got to the drilling part of making the tower, the drill stopped working. :(

This means the cat tower is not finished today. Maybe dad can buy a new drill and finish it tomorrow.