Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Slightly Worrying and Confusing Wednesday

Gizmo here

There was something funny going on today here. First mum let me out to have breakfast, but left Denali locked up in her room. Then she finally let Denali out but hid all the food (I wasn't finished grazing yet mum). Denali and I played for an hour while mum got ready, then she locked denali up in the carrier and put me in my room. We know what the carrier means... either we're going on the holiday early, or denali is going to the vet. Mum didn't put me in a carrier though, so I guess Denali has to go to the vet.

Mum left for about 20mins and then came back home...WITHOUT DENALI! Mum you forgot to bring her home. Where is she? I meowed  and searched the whole house. I couldn't find her anywhere, and her carrier wasn't back yet either. MUM you forgot Denali! Mum gave me a cuddle and said denali had to go to the vet to get spayed. Seriously? Who goes to the vet to get a spade? Don't they come from the hardware shop? At least mum knew that she left Denali behind. I was getting really worried.

Mum had to go Christmas shopping, so I stayed home and played with my toys. She cam home again WITHOUT DENALI! I meowed to let her know again, and she told me Denali was having a long sleep and would come home this afternoon. Finally she left the house again and locked me in my room. She didn't let me out for a few hours, and when she did I could smell something funny. Denali's carrier was in the lounge room, but denali's bedroom door was closed. The carrier smelled strange... not like denali at all. The carrier smelled like the vets... Yuck!

I meowed and searched high and low, but couldn't find denali anywhere. Mum said she was asleep in her room. Mum and Dad let me sleep on their bed, but I kept waking mum up because first there was a storm, and then mum rolled over and woke me up, and then I thought I heard Denali meow. Mum ended up getting up and put me in my room. It was 2am, mum should know thats play time.

This morning I got fed in my bedroom and locked back in there. Mum only just let me out. I can smell traces of Denali, but she is still nowhere to be found. Mum said she's ok, but just really sleepy and has stitches so I'm not allowed to play with her for a while, cause I play too rough.

I hope we can play again soon. I think I miss her.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Monday Mewsings

Monday used to mean mum and dad would go to work and we would (Howl) Meow a lot because we don't like being locked in our bedroom. But for some reason today (Monday), mum left for work later than normal, and came home earlier to play with us. She said it's cause she has a new job. We don't mind what it is. We just like the chance to play on the balcony, sleep in sun puddles and snuggle mum.
 Kitty kisses

Denali will really find anything to play with
Including the christmas decorations I knocked off the tree

And then we took it too the balcony

Where it got stuck under the BBQ

Nom Nom I love the cat grass

Enjoying the Sun Puddles

Saturday, 26 November 2011

We're going on a holiday!

Gizmo here.
Best news ever! Mum and Dad have been planning a month long holiday when dads family come to visit from America. Mum was worried about leaving us alone with a sitter or boarding us somewhere for that long. So she looked at all the accommodation options in the places they are travelling to and found some houses that will allow cats. This means we get to go on vacation with them! First we're staying near the beach in a place called Currarong on the NSW south coast. Then we're going to visit mum's family on a farm for christmas, but we have to keep away from the dogs there. Then we might have to board somewhere for a few days while they go to Melbourne and down the Great Ocean Rd. She's still looking for places for us to stay, but it will be a lot of time spent in the car and we both don't like that much.

 Now we've had to come up with a solution to get us out of the car if they want to stop for food, or to check out the shops in places like Kiama on the way. It's too hot in Australia during summer to even consider leaving us in the car. They've been thinking about harnesses and a leash, but don't want us to be scared of traffic or dogs or lots of people. She's been putting a harness on Denali so she can get used to it just in case. Mums been shopping online for bags to carry us around in instead. She's been looking at the Outward Hound Backpack for me, but it's really expensive in Australia, and also the Outward Hound Kyjen Eco Pet Carrier, which is a lot cheaper, but probably not so good for me because I'm starting to get heavy, but it should be alright for denali cause she is so little still.
Has anyone else used these bags or something similar?

                                          Denali doesn't seem to mind being inside a bag

Friday, 25 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

"Through Gizmo's Eyes"

I know we don't live in America, so some of you may be confused as to why my humans celebrate thanksgiving. Daddy says its cause he's from America, but we know better cause thanksgiving is all about eating turkey. Or at least thats what we think its all about. The humans spent all afternoon cooking and we spent all afternoon under their feet in the hope they might drop something yummy.
Mum and Dads Dinner

I could smell the lovely turkey aroma and sat in front of the oven starring at it just wishing I could have a little. Then mum fed us some stinky goodness which I knew meant time for them to eat dinner, so I scarffed mine down  and sat next to her chair. I only begged a little. After she finished she snuck us 2 little snack sized pieces of turkey each.

Mmmm I love turkey.

Then when we were sleepy, mum tried to snap some christmas pictures of us both.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Theres a tree in the living room!

Hi, it's Denali,

Gizmo is letting me share his blog for the first time. He has been very protective of everything that is his, but he is finally starting to learn to share. He still has his green eyed monster moments, but I think he is coming around.

I love my new home, especiall now that I'm out of my sick room. There are so many things to climb and play with, and I love to snuggle up on mum or dads lap. There are also some really comfy warm spots on the top of the couch and on the bed. There's a balcony where I can watch the people and the birds. Theres cat trees and clothes racks to scratch and climb on.

Mum and Dad put up a tree in the living room on the weekend. I think they called it a Christmas Tree. It's so pretty with flashing lights and shiny toys hanging all over it. Gizmo and I keep trying to play with the things on the tree, but apparently its off limits. Every time we try to get the stuff of the tree dad squirts us with the waterbottle. We have been trying to get to them really quietly, gizmo has tried climbing up the center of the tree to get to them, and we've trid the hit and run technique, I've tried comando techniques behind the TV and through the bookshelf and cabinets, but all with no success.

Neither of us understand why they would put a tree in the living room if it wasnt there for us to climb or play with. What good is a tree if you just look at it?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm Back!

Gizmo here. Mum wanted me to apologise for her because she has been too busy working her 2 jobs and looking after Denali and I to get a chance to write. She finishes one of the jobs in a week and is so excited to have more time to herself...Personally I'm more excited that she will have time for Denali and I. Play time here we come.

Update time. So the last time I wrote on here, mum and dad were busy keeping Denali away from me. She was in quarantine because she had ringworm. She was in quarantine for 6 whole human weeks! Thats a long time to have strange smells on the other side of a door and not be allowed to investigate. My curiosity got the better of me and I managed to sneak in the door a few times to see what the white fluffball was. Mum and dad took me for a check up too when Denali got the all clear just in case I got some spores from my quick visits with Denali, but I got the all clear too.

This mean that Denali and I finally got the chance to meet, (really it meant I got a chance to show her who is boss around here). She likes to play a lot and I am not quite as playful as she wants me to be, but if she wakes me up I just kick her in the head a few times until she squeals.

I've gotten used to her being around now, and really she isn't so bad. I have to share my bedroom with her, but at least now I have someone to play with when mum and dad are at work.

Mum has lots of pictures to put up to show you how much we have both grown.

Denali exploring the balcony.

Check out my new box

A rare photo opportunity of both of us together

Denali enjoying the cat grass

Mum was trying to get photos of us for the christmas cards... I didn't want to make it easy for her.