Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Saturday 27 August 2011

Sundays are for snoozing in sun puddles, sleeping in hammocks and snuggling humans

Through Gizmo's Eyes

I love Sunday's. I've been spending today lying in sun puddles, sleeping in my hammock and snuggling my humans. I've also spent Sunday on the other side of the laundry door sniffing out the enemy. Mum says she is not the enemy and her name is Denali, but I hissed at her yesterday when I first saw her anyway. She didn't even seem scared of me. I could only see her through the crack in the door cause mum and dad say she's in quarantine and I'm not allowed near her for at least a month.

She is annoying already. She kept crying this morning, I wanted her to be quiet so I could enjoy my Sunday, but then I realised she was probably lonely cause she has to spend all her time in the Laundry by herself cept when mum goes in to feed her. I meowed at her through the door to let her know she wasn't alone. Only mum goes in the Laundry to see her cause she has had ringworm before so the vet said she might be immune to it, but dad hasn't had it. Now mum always smells like disinfectant.

Anyway back to Sunday Fun... I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the sun, and even more so cause mum and dad went shopping this morning, and they came home with chicken necks. Mum says its good for my teeth, but I don't care about that.. I think they taste yummy.

Anyway I will be sharing this blog soon with Denali cause mum says I need to learn to share. So I said mum could include some photos of her on here too.
I hope you all enjoy your Sunday as much as I do.

Denali - The trouble begins

Denali has arrived.

We got Denali as a friend for Gizmo. She is an 8 week old ragdoll x bengal kitten. She is absolutely adorable, as you can see by the pictures, and I am sure she will get up to just as much mischief as Gizmo does. We got her from someone interstate and assumed they were reliable when they said she would come vet checked vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Well as you all know to 'assume' makes and ass of u and me. When she arrived, she looked a little worse for wear, but we expected that because she had just been couriered interstate.

We took her home, gave her a bath and started brushing her. Bits of hair started falling out. I figured at first it was just because she had played with other kittens and was a little scabby because of bite marks as such, but then I noticed a quite defined patch where the hair had fallen out. Hmmm not good. I suspected possible ringworm. We were planning to have her vet checked after cleaning her up, so we decided that was the most important thing now before anything else. Gizmo would have to wait to meet her until we found out if she was healthy.

Unfortunately it is as I suspected. The vet said she is riddled with ringworm, and it's probably one of the worst cases she has ever seen. So we came home from the vet armed with various medications and a special shampoo.

 Now we have to try to keep Denali away from Gizmo for 4-6 weeks, as well as prevent the spores from spreading while medicating denali, bathing both of them in a special shampoo, and ensure they dont use the same living spaces, toys, or have cuddles with us whilst we wear the same clothes as we did for Denali. Then we also have to hope that we don't get it whilst we still make Denali feel welcome to our home. Luckily we have a few spare bedrooms at the moment which means they can both have their own room and play space. Lets hope Gizmo stays ringworm free and we do too.

Gizmo knows theres something meowing on the other side of the door, and he seems curious, it's so annoying that it will be 6 weeks before we can introduce them.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Monday Mancat Antics

Here are some pictures of Gizmo playing with his toy tiger friend. He really seems to think its real. He pounces on it, jumps away from it, tackles it, forward rolls over it, uses it as a kicker, hugs it, and after he has fought with it, he gives it a quick bath on the head.

We've found a new friend for gizmo

After 2 months of looking for the perfect friend for Gizmo, we've found her. She is a Ragdoll x. We get to pick her up on Saturday, and we hope Gizmo likes her as much as we do.

Last weekend we gave gizmo a white tiger toy almost the same size as him. He hasn't stopped wrestling with it and he even sleeps snuggling it. I think he feels like he has a friend. I really hope he and the new kitten become close friends.
We have a separate room for the kitten to begin with, and have used one of gizmo's blankets in her bed. Someone else suggested rubbing our warm socks taken straight off our feet on both cats to make our scent the dominant one. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Saturday 20 August 2011

Caturday with dad

Through gizmo's eyes

Mum had a cheer competition to go to today, so I spent the day with dad. We watched football and movies and ate beef jerky. I like beef jerky. We played with my toys, then Dad gave me a nice long brush and then I spent time outside lying in sun puddles. I liked spending caturday with dad.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Please vote for me

Through Gizmo's Eyes

Mum entered me in a pet pagent photo competition to try to win a pet photo prize pack. She used the main picture on my blog because she thinks its cute... what do you think?

If you are not too busy could you vote for me so mum can win a fantastic prize with a picture of me because there are not enough of them around the house.


Vote here.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

I found a trick I want to learn

Through Gizmo's Eyes

My Human found this video and showed me, and I just had to share it with you. Here is a trick all kitties need to learn.

Trying to find a friend for Gizmo

We have been looking for a friend for Gizmo for the last 2 months, but trust us to wait until it is not kitten season to look. The vet suggested that if we wanted to find a friend for Gizmo, we should get one soon as he will adjust better while he is young.

When we went to Cat Protection Society in Sydney, they suggested a kitten the same age as Gizmo or younger. Unfortunately, the only kittens they had were sick with cat flu. We have looked on rescue sites for the past 2 months and when we have found a kitten that is right, they have always just been adopted.

Last weekend we went to see some more kittens that we had seen advertised on petrescue  they are adorable kittens, but we decided they just weren't right for us and Gizmo. There were four 12 week old kittens and one 6 month old. They were a little sleepy and shy when we first got there, but gradually they started to play a little. We had a great time meeting and talking to Kerry their foster carer as well (we have asked for Kerry's permission to advertise the kittens on our blog).

Here are some pictures of the kittens that are looking for their furever homes with links to their profiles.

Picture of D'Artagnan (Aka:Dart)
Picture of Princess Willow (Juvenile)
Princess Willow
Picture of Aramis (Aka:Ari)
Aramis and Olly
Picture of Zeb
I really hope they find their furever homes soon.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Caturday and Sunday

Through Gizmo's Eyes

I love weekends, cause it means my humans are home to play with. I spent caturday and sunday playing with toys, snuggling, and sleeping in the sun. I watched people looking like ants off the balcony, hung out in my hammock, and played with my toys. Dad and mum went out for a bit and came back with a new sucky monster, so dad spent the day cleaning, but then he was so tired we had a cat nap together.

Saturday 13 August 2011

I love new toys

Through Gizmo's Eyes

My humans have worked out that if I have lots of new toys to occupy me I get up to less mischief. They have been talking about finding a new friend for me, but until they find the purrfect kitty to match me, they keep buying me at least 1 new toy every 2 weeks (sometimes every week). My new favourite toys are my ball tunnel circle, ikea  (toy boxes used as) tunnels which they have joined together to create a giant long tunnel, and some toy fishies so I don't want to play with the real ones. The toy fishies are much better, they have tails of long feathers and are fun to throw and chase. I also got a new scratching post with a ball attached.

My other favourite toys are still string, paper and boxes.

I still managed to cause some mischief this week though. My humans have been trying to grow me some cat grass in a plastic pot on the bedroom windowsill. I was trying to open the greenhouse lid off it to see what the catgrass looked and tasted like. My humans told me it wasn't ready yet, but I was curious and just had to see for myself. Oops I should have listened to my humans. I accidently knocked the cat grass container to the ground and dirt went all over the carpet. Dad wasn't too happy as he had just shampooed all the carpets in the house a week ago.

But cause I was still not 100% better from my eye injury I think he let me off easy.

Anyway check out the photos of my new toys.

Friday 12 August 2011

Im back and better than ever

Through Gizmo's Eyes

Im back!
I wasn't feeling well last week. I banged my head and eye on the bookcase trying to catch the feathers on the dreamcatcher hanging from it... The feathers looked so pretty. They changed colours when the light hit them on different angles...just like the fishies... I should have known. Anyway, my humans took me to the vet and got me some horrible medicine, but it made me feel better. They snuggled me and looked after me, and now I'm back to my mischievious self.

I have a lot of blogs to catch up on, but for this one I'm still a little sleepy after my medicine, so I just thought I would let you all know I'm better, and show you some pictures of my nice warm sleeping bag mum made me, She bought a nice warm fluffy blanket the colour of chocolate, and she cut it in 3 strips. Each strip she folded and stitched up. now I have a nice sleeping bag to snuggle into. It reminds me of snuggling with my brothers and sisters.

Thanks for all the Purrs

Monday 8 August 2011

Update on Gizmo

Gizmo wants us to let you know he is feeling a little better, and he thanks you for all the purrs and prayers.
He was confusing us a little on Sunday as he slept all day, didn't want to play or curl up near us at all, but was still eating his food. On Sunday night he started following us around a little bit and because he was up, we noticed he was trying to keep his right eye closed. We tried to look at the eye and see if we could see anything in it, but couldn't see much as he was trying to protect it. The one thing we did notice is his eye seemed cloudy in comparison to the other one.

We went to work yesterday after noticing he seemed to be feeling better and was starting to play with his toys a little again, but he still wasn't his usual boisterous self. In the afternoon when we got home, he was holding his eye open more, and was really playful, but we wanted to be sure, because his eye definately seemed cloudy, so we took him for a visit to the vet.

The vet was confused as to why a sore eye affected a kitten so much, so he suggested a few possibilities including calici virus and chlamydia (especially as he came from the pound and seemed to present no illnesses when we first took him for his checkup), but he checked to see if Gizmo had an ulcer or a scratch on his eye, checked for muscle soreness and joint stiffness, and checked his temperature... none of which Gizmo liked of course. In the end the vet decided to treat the eye as Gizmo was obviously trying to keep it closed, and said he might have banged it on something when he was playing.

We have got antibiotic drops for his eyes every 3-4 hrs as well as anti inflamitory drops for his food, and the vet gave him a pain killer to dilate the eye and make him feel better. We have another appointment for Wednesday afternoon to make sure Gizmo is ok, and hopefully it just turns out to be the blunt trauma. Right now he is back to runing around crazily like his usual self, so we think thats a good sign. Fingers crossed. xx

Gizmo also wants to let you all know that if you like tunnels as much as he does you should have a look in Ikea kids section. they have toy baskets that have a spiral inside them and when you cut the closed end out they become a great tunnel. We paid $25 for his tunnel from cat protection society, and this one is almost the same size from ikea for $10. It even has a lid which makes a great frisbee.