Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Friday, 16 December 2011

First day of vacation does not live up to our expectations

Denali and I have definately not been impressed with day one of vacation so far.

First we only get a small breakfast of dry kibble to eat because mum doesn't want us to get sick on the trip. Then after they have packed the cars, mum and dad get us into our carriers. Only with all the excitement of the morning, Denali forgot to go to the bathroom.

Literally 5 mins after we leave, Denali is screaming that she needs to go to the bathroom. Oops too late. Now the whole car smells and mum had to pull over and clean out the carrier. Then the next few hours were pretty uneventful.

Mum and dad stopped at the kiama blowhole for 10 mins to show dads family and take pics. We just slept in the car.

When we started moving again I just zoned out. And went back to sleep. I felt like I was rocking back and forth. Mum said its because the road was winding. Anyway I woke up with a shock cause I didn't feel so good. Mmmmuuuuummmm please stop the world spinning! Blech I threw up. And then I also had to go to the bathroom. Talk about a lack of dignity.

Mum and dad stopped on the side of the road and cleaned me up. The noises from the cars were so scary... Like giant monsters made of metal. I tried to escape.

Back in the car we went. Finally about 20 mins later we got to the holiday house. Both Denali and I needed a bath and were so scared of the new smells, we hid in our kitty litter box for an hr.

We have now finally gotten up the courage to explore a little and the house seems kind of cool. It's so big and has lots of windows.

We can see the ocean in the distance. Let's hope tomorrow is a little more enjoyable.


  1. ACK! Traveling is awful, we think...but we're glad you made it. Make sure you stay indoors where it's safe!

  2. sounds scary! Glad you didn't escape! enjoy the travels and be sure to stay safe.

  3. Glad you made it safely! Blech, it sounds like a terrible trip, though. Tell the Mom to medicate you fur the return trip! MOL!