Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Gizmo's Favourites

Favourite toys
tennis balls
bouncy balls
pom poms
cardboard boxes of any size
balls of paper
paper butterflies
balls of foil
string of any kind
toilet paper/empty toilet rolls
empty cling wrap rolls
catnip mice
peoples hair
peoples ankles
peoples hands
bath/sink plugs

Favourite Places to Sleep
anyones lap/chest/neck
under blankets
open or closed lap tops
on a heat pack
in boxes
under the desk
on the couch or bed
in the pot plants
anywhere in the sun
in the cupboards
in the camping chair

Favourite Mischief Making Activities
chewing electrical cords
playing with blinds
jumping up walls
jumping out at people
attacking feet
biting hard
pulling up the drains
hiding anything from jewlery to bath plugs
going fishing in the fish tank
waking up people with kisses so they don't mind
scratching on doors

being left alone
being cold
having baths
not having someone to play with
being bored
getting in trouble


  1. We think you are just about the sweetest thing ever!! We are so glad you found such a wonderful forever home. All the best!!

    Boots, Ozzie & Brenda

  2. gizmo is so cute! i hope he doesn't get into as much trouble as out tt did as a kitten. she earned her name tt for triple trouble. we hope gizmo grows into his ears too!

  3. Hi ya, Gizmo! It's nice to meet you!! We enjoyed reading your likes and hates....and y'know what?? Most of your favorite toys are our favorite toys too!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. Hi Gizmo!! The cool cats over at "Everycat" blog told us about you on the cat Blogosphere!! We had to stop by and give you a BIG welcome :)
    Mom thinks you are SO cute,heehee.
    Well, so do we:)
    We are happy you got such a nice home too !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  5. You are a smarty pants...figuring out all the good stuff at such a young age.


    Cory and family