Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Trying to find a friend for Gizmo

We have been looking for a friend for Gizmo for the last 2 months, but trust us to wait until it is not kitten season to look. The vet suggested that if we wanted to find a friend for Gizmo, we should get one soon as he will adjust better while he is young.

When we went to Cat Protection Society in Sydney, they suggested a kitten the same age as Gizmo or younger. Unfortunately, the only kittens they had were sick with cat flu. We have looked on rescue sites for the past 2 months and when we have found a kitten that is right, they have always just been adopted.

Last weekend we went to see some more kittens that we had seen advertised on petrescue  they are adorable kittens, but we decided they just weren't right for us and Gizmo. There were four 12 week old kittens and one 6 month old. They were a little sleepy and shy when we first got there, but gradually they started to play a little. We had a great time meeting and talking to Kerry their foster carer as well (we have asked for Kerry's permission to advertise the kittens on our blog).

Here are some pictures of the kittens that are looking for their furever homes with links to their profiles.

Picture of D'Artagnan (Aka:Dart)
Picture of Princess Willow (Juvenile)
Princess Willow
Picture of Aramis (Aka:Ari)
Aramis and Olly
Picture of Zeb
I really hope they find their furever homes soon.

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  1. Too bad you live far would be glad to help you out finding you a kitten (but we think Sydney is pretty far from Ohio). :) Good luck!