Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Saturday 27 August 2011

Denali - The trouble begins

Denali has arrived.

We got Denali as a friend for Gizmo. She is an 8 week old ragdoll x bengal kitten. She is absolutely adorable, as you can see by the pictures, and I am sure she will get up to just as much mischief as Gizmo does. We got her from someone interstate and assumed they were reliable when they said she would come vet checked vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Well as you all know to 'assume' makes and ass of u and me. When she arrived, she looked a little worse for wear, but we expected that because she had just been couriered interstate.

We took her home, gave her a bath and started brushing her. Bits of hair started falling out. I figured at first it was just because she had played with other kittens and was a little scabby because of bite marks as such, but then I noticed a quite defined patch where the hair had fallen out. Hmmm not good. I suspected possible ringworm. We were planning to have her vet checked after cleaning her up, so we decided that was the most important thing now before anything else. Gizmo would have to wait to meet her until we found out if she was healthy.

Unfortunately it is as I suspected. The vet said she is riddled with ringworm, and it's probably one of the worst cases she has ever seen. So we came home from the vet armed with various medications and a special shampoo.

 Now we have to try to keep Denali away from Gizmo for 4-6 weeks, as well as prevent the spores from spreading while medicating denali, bathing both of them in a special shampoo, and ensure they dont use the same living spaces, toys, or have cuddles with us whilst we wear the same clothes as we did for Denali. Then we also have to hope that we don't get it whilst we still make Denali feel welcome to our home. Luckily we have a few spare bedrooms at the moment which means they can both have their own room and play space. Lets hope Gizmo stays ringworm free and we do too.

Gizmo knows theres something meowing on the other side of the door, and he seems curious, it's so annoying that it will be 6 weeks before we can introduce them.


  1. What a horrible thing. That person who sold her or gave her to you is mistreating their animals. Poor baby, poor you! But you are handling it great of course and in 6 weeks all will be well because you are responsible and caring.

  2. :[ I guess assuming does make an ass of you and me. Poor little kitty. Glad you brought her to the vet and had her checked. We hope it clears up fast and they can finally meet each other!!

  3. Denali is a cutie! 6 weeks will be tough but it will also give Gizmo and Denali a chance to acclimate to each other's sounds and smells so when they do come together they should be happier!

  4. Oh, poor lil' baby! We're glad you got Denali, and are able to help her get well! She will blossom under your care, we just know it. The time will go quickly, and we'll purr everyone stays ringworm-free.

  5. We really hate that breeders do that. Denali is sooo cute and we hope she gets better fast so she and Gizmo can meet!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Poor little girl Denali, it is not fun to have ringworm!
    I am so glad she has you to care for her as she is in the best of hands!
    Often they do not get ringworm unless they have been in an overcrowding and stressful sitiation where their immune system has been a bit lowered or compromised.
    Thanks heavens she is with you and you are taking appropriate measure to prevent infection.
    May I make a few suggestions.
    1) remove most soft furnishing from the areas where she will be - limiting these to some soft bedding, towels and blankies that can be washed easily and regularly to cut down on the 'spores' that can cause infection.
    2) Clean hard surfaces with Apple Cider vinegar. The vinegar helps to kill the spores and it is a healthy and better smelling alternative to other cleaning agents around young animals. (You can also use it in the wash cycle for the other soft furnishings)
    you are already doing great stuff by limiting access betwen the kitties -and as pointed out by another - this can help them to get used to each other - from a little afar!
    Please feel free to call me as I will be happy to help!
    Cheers, Kerry

  7. Poor poodin. Hang in there, Denali kitteh. Things are gonna get a hole lot better for you in a month or two. It will only feel like forever.