Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Saturday 12 November 2011

I'm Back!

Gizmo here. Mum wanted me to apologise for her because she has been too busy working her 2 jobs and looking after Denali and I to get a chance to write. She finishes one of the jobs in a week and is so excited to have more time to herself...Personally I'm more excited that she will have time for Denali and I. Play time here we come.

Update time. So the last time I wrote on here, mum and dad were busy keeping Denali away from me. She was in quarantine because she had ringworm. She was in quarantine for 6 whole human weeks! Thats a long time to have strange smells on the other side of a door and not be allowed to investigate. My curiosity got the better of me and I managed to sneak in the door a few times to see what the white fluffball was. Mum and dad took me for a check up too when Denali got the all clear just in case I got some spores from my quick visits with Denali, but I got the all clear too.

This mean that Denali and I finally got the chance to meet, (really it meant I got a chance to show her who is boss around here). She likes to play a lot and I am not quite as playful as she wants me to be, but if she wakes me up I just kick her in the head a few times until she squeals.

I've gotten used to her being around now, and really she isn't so bad. I have to share my bedroom with her, but at least now I have someone to play with when mum and dad are at work.

Mum has lots of pictures to put up to show you how much we have both grown.

Denali exploring the balcony.

Check out my new box

A rare photo opportunity of both of us together

Denali enjoying the cat grass

Mum was trying to get photos of us for the christmas cards... I didn't want to make it easy for her.


  1. It's nice to see you back and to get an update. Glad the ringworm issue is over and done with! Love the pics especially the last. Denali IS growing fast! :-)

  2. Welcome back. We missed you. Your pictures are adorable - just like you.

  3. Life has a way of demanding more time sometimes, glad to hear you'll have more time for the kitties soon! Your kitties are so sweet - I look forward to more!!

  4. We missed you! Welcome you two have gotten BIG, but of course you are bigger and the boss, Gizmo. Looks like the Christmas photoshoot went "well", hee hee!

  5. so glad that you beat the ringworm! and oh how cute is Denali!! Great picts