Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Saturday 26 November 2011

We're going on a holiday!

Gizmo here.
Best news ever! Mum and Dad have been planning a month long holiday when dads family come to visit from America. Mum was worried about leaving us alone with a sitter or boarding us somewhere for that long. So she looked at all the accommodation options in the places they are travelling to and found some houses that will allow cats. This means we get to go on vacation with them! First we're staying near the beach in a place called Currarong on the NSW south coast. Then we're going to visit mum's family on a farm for christmas, but we have to keep away from the dogs there. Then we might have to board somewhere for a few days while they go to Melbourne and down the Great Ocean Rd. She's still looking for places for us to stay, but it will be a lot of time spent in the car and we both don't like that much.

 Now we've had to come up with a solution to get us out of the car if they want to stop for food, or to check out the shops in places like Kiama on the way. It's too hot in Australia during summer to even consider leaving us in the car. They've been thinking about harnesses and a leash, but don't want us to be scared of traffic or dogs or lots of people. She's been putting a harness on Denali so she can get used to it just in case. Mums been shopping online for bags to carry us around in instead. She's been looking at the Outward Hound Backpack for me, but it's really expensive in Australia, and also the Outward Hound Kyjen Eco Pet Carrier, which is a lot cheaper, but probably not so good for me because I'm starting to get heavy, but it should be alright for denali cause she is so little still.
Has anyone else used these bags or something similar?

                                          Denali doesn't seem to mind being inside a bag


  1. Have you considered a pet stroller? My crew only travels to the vet so I can't make a recommendation.

  2. A pet stroller sounds like a great idea! How exciting!