Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Slightly Worrying and Confusing Wednesday

Gizmo here

There was something funny going on today here. First mum let me out to have breakfast, but left Denali locked up in her room. Then she finally let Denali out but hid all the food (I wasn't finished grazing yet mum). Denali and I played for an hour while mum got ready, then she locked denali up in the carrier and put me in my room. We know what the carrier means... either we're going on the holiday early, or denali is going to the vet. Mum didn't put me in a carrier though, so I guess Denali has to go to the vet.

Mum left for about 20mins and then came back home...WITHOUT DENALI! Mum you forgot to bring her home. Where is she? I meowed  and searched the whole house. I couldn't find her anywhere, and her carrier wasn't back yet either. MUM you forgot Denali! Mum gave me a cuddle and said denali had to go to the vet to get spayed. Seriously? Who goes to the vet to get a spade? Don't they come from the hardware shop? At least mum knew that she left Denali behind. I was getting really worried.

Mum had to go Christmas shopping, so I stayed home and played with my toys. She cam home again WITHOUT DENALI! I meowed to let her know again, and she told me Denali was having a long sleep and would come home this afternoon. Finally she left the house again and locked me in my room. She didn't let me out for a few hours, and when she did I could smell something funny. Denali's carrier was in the lounge room, but denali's bedroom door was closed. The carrier smelled strange... not like denali at all. The carrier smelled like the vets... Yuck!

I meowed and searched high and low, but couldn't find denali anywhere. Mum said she was asleep in her room. Mum and Dad let me sleep on their bed, but I kept waking mum up because first there was a storm, and then mum rolled over and woke me up, and then I thought I heard Denali meow. Mum ended up getting up and put me in my room. It was 2am, mum should know thats play time.

This morning I got fed in my bedroom and locked back in there. Mum only just let me out. I can smell traces of Denali, but she is still nowhere to be found. Mum said she's ok, but just really sleepy and has stitches so I'm not allowed to play with her for a while, cause I play too rough.

I hope we can play again soon. I think I miss her.


  1. We are sure Denali will be back to full playing speed soon! You are a good kitty to worry about her, but we know she will be fine!!

  2. How nice to see you back, Gizmo. And now Dinali is sharing. We came by a few times to check but no new posts. And then we got so busy - well, Jan kicked us off the computer more often. Sorry we missed you.

  3. Oh dear - so sad that you can't see Danali, but I guess the oomans are just playing it cautious. We don't want Danali to have to go back to the vet, so we'll let the oomans have their way.

  4. Hi Gizmo. We're glad Denali's spaying went well and hope it won't be long before you can play with her again. You're a good brother!

  5. Gizmo, we think Denali will be fine. You are naturally worried about her though, cause usually a visit to the vet means something is up. She is home now, so you can relax, soon she'll be ready to play.


  6. We're sure you and Denali will be playing together real soon!

  7. Aww, sweet kitteh, your Denali will be back as good as new, soon! Rest up!