Gizmo and Denali

Gizmo and Denali

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Theres a tree in the living room!

Hi, it's Denali,

Gizmo is letting me share his blog for the first time. He has been very protective of everything that is his, but he is finally starting to learn to share. He still has his green eyed monster moments, but I think he is coming around.

I love my new home, especiall now that I'm out of my sick room. There are so many things to climb and play with, and I love to snuggle up on mum or dads lap. There are also some really comfy warm spots on the top of the couch and on the bed. There's a balcony where I can watch the people and the birds. Theres cat trees and clothes racks to scratch and climb on.

Mum and Dad put up a tree in the living room on the weekend. I think they called it a Christmas Tree. It's so pretty with flashing lights and shiny toys hanging all over it. Gizmo and I keep trying to play with the things on the tree, but apparently its off limits. Every time we try to get the stuff of the tree dad squirts us with the waterbottle. We have been trying to get to them really quietly, gizmo has tried climbing up the center of the tree to get to them, and we've trid the hit and run technique, I've tried comando techniques behind the TV and through the bookshelf and cabinets, but all with no success.

Neither of us understand why they would put a tree in the living room if it wasnt there for us to climb or play with. What good is a tree if you just look at it?


  1. Ye gads! That means my peeps will put up a tree soon too. Why are oomans that dumb, then they try to tell us it's off limits. It's a tree - trees are for cats to climb. We needs to rebel.

  2. Keep at it, kittehz! It's not efun Thanksgiving yet. You've got a whole month to get that tree!

  3. Our tree will go up soon too, nothing breakable on it, though. :-D

    It's a huge toy tree to us--to all kitties. Humans can't expect us to ignore it, that would go against our nature!